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emsoileau got me again, and seeing as I couldn't manage to do it the first time, here's my thirteen facts, question-answering thingamaboo.

Thirteen Facts:

1.) I LOVE reading about unsolved crimes, unexplained disappearances, mysteries, and ghosts. I'm always intrigued by a good mystery and these are my favorites which sometimes makes me think I'm a little twisted. It's not that I like the fact that people went missing, I'm just curious about how it happened and why, especially when there are cases with inexplicable details that nobody can understand. And then after I read all of these scary/disturbing stories, I get too scared to sleep. c:

2.) My favorite candies are ones that combine chocolate and crunchy things. Chocolate covered pretzels, KitKats, Crunch, Twix, and the like. Can't beat that flavor & texture combo :heart:

3.) I am extremely sentimental. I mean this in the I-have-a-shoebox-under-the-bed-full-of-old-notes-and-birthday-candles-and-wedding-invitations-and-bottle-caps-and-movie-stubs-and-presents-from-friends-and-notes-my-mom-left-in-my-lunchbox-when-I-was-in-kindergarten kind of way.

4.) Kind of along with that last point, I am very connected to music and I can trace almost every song/artist I know to a particular time, place, moment, or person. My brother is Elton John, my dad is U2, my best friend is My Chemical Romance, and my ex is Queen. 

(and trust me, this quality of myself makes it hard as fuck to get over him because every song is tied to a memory and I have a million with him)

but actually in every other case this is something I really love about myself and I love how different songs bring up different good memories.

5.) My wisdom teeth are coming in and ow why

6.) I doodle uncontrollably. none of my school papers are ever clean. my pre-calc teacher last year had us hand in our notebooks when the year was up and I had to flip through my entire book scribbling out elaborate calligraphy spelling out "I Hate This Class" along with detailed drawings of topless mermaids and shit C:

7.) I also love drawing on people. I draw mock tattoos. I actually drew a pretty great on my friend Ryan of a cat with two daggers along side it that said "EDGY" on a banner underneath. Wish I had a picture before he washed it off lol.

8.) I love spearmint gum. Or really any mint that's gonna freshen up my life. Fruity gum can go fuck itself imo

9.) I'm a night person. I like how quiet it gets when it's late and it's just peaceful to me, a good time to write and relax.

10.) When I was younger I used to read ALL THE TIME. Now I barely do it and it makes me sad, I wish I was as obsessed with books as I used to be. I don't think my love for literature has gone away, just changed, and I've gotten so busy and my head gets so noisy that reading just doesn't work.

11.) I've had a lot of pets over my childhood, though most have now gone to the cute pearly gates in tiny heaven. :( These pets include a dog named Montana, two birds named Joanie and Chachi, three hamsters named Rocko, Shelly, and Yoda, a guinea pig named Ozzy, a ferret named Honey, a fish named Robert, a rabbit named Elvis, and finally, my current pet, a dog named Maverick.

If you couldn't tell, I REALLY LOVE ANIMALS :heart::dummy:

12.) I want a cat. A BIG FLUFFY ORANGE CAT to cuddle and love.

13.) I'm the mom friend. Got bandaids and snacks in my purse, always available with hugs and advice, and threaten to beat up any boys who make my gals cry.

EMS's questions

1) how do you feel about divorce?


Sad it has to happen, but it's better to separate than to live a life where one or both parties could be happier elsewhere. personally if I'm ever getting married (and I want to get married because I'm romantic as fuck), I'm making sure 100% that it's the person I'm going to love and be with forever. That's my goal, that marriage can actually be fun and not a chore and that two people can actually live together and happily be soulmates and best friends for all their lives.

2) go look up the blues traveler song hook if you've never heard it and tell me your opinion of it (hint: i fucking love that song beyond all goddamned reason but i'm curious what you think)

I knew this song already and I AINT TELLIN YOU NO LIEEEE

3) is there anyone you truly trust? i mean really, really trust?

My family, I know they'll always be honest and that they have my best interests at heart.

4) do you feel like the whole trigger word/safe space culture has taken things too far or do you think they're not taking it far enough?

Oh no, this would take an entire essay to explain and people are going to get offended but actually yeah kinda I think it's gone too far. If someone's actually been through trauma and wants something graphically violent to have a trigger warning, yeah okay I understand cases like that. But lately it seems like anything is a trigger (because there's a certain breed of tumblr teen who just thinks everything in his/her life is an issue) and I don't think it's logical or possible to warn for them all. It shouldn't be the world's responsibility to censor itself for certain people...especially when people claim that they're triggered by something like a spoon. People like that I feel are just trolling, which sucks because it makes it even harder for people who truly are triggered by certain things to be protected.

And the whole safe space thing kind of pisses me off. Because...and keep in mind, this is the delicate flower speaking...the world and society shouldn't have to bend over backward because some people are too sensitive. I have anxiety issues. I have hidden in public bathrooms to collect myself during work, I have locked myself into closets at parties because I became too overwhelmed. And eventually I realized that at some point, you need to be able to figure out how to function through the anxiety and live your goddamn life. Because you can't rely on your father to make all your phone calls your entire adult life just because the thought scares you. You can't expect your friends to order food for you at a restaurant forever. And that's what I've had to learn to do. 

I think the "safe space" idea is blaming the world because an individual is too "sensitive" to handle it, when in reality, if you find these things tough, you need to figure out how to survive in the real world, whether that means seeing a therapist, getting medication, or pushing through what's holding you back.

Hopefully that made sense and didn't offend anyone, keep in mind that's just my opinion on the matter.

5) to you, what makes a truly good leader of a country?

Someone who isn't Bush

6) going along with #5, if you're from the US, who would you personally elect as president if the choice were yours and yours alone? why? it doesn't matter if the person is famous or anything just someone you personally feel embodies what a good leader needs to be.

One of my best friends should be president. He's intelligent, driven, and looks quite handsome in a suit. (Love you G.) But for real, I could see him becoming president someday, he's really mature and does fantastically with anything he puts his mind to.

7) do you believe you can love a person's work (music, paintings, whatever they do) without liking, loving or even agreeing with the person themselves? (i'm thinking in particular of one of my favorite musicians right now)

Definitely. To give an example, the singer from Front Porch Step was (I think) faced with charges for sending nudes to an underage girl, which is disgusting and like dude what the fuck. But I really did enjoy a lot of the band's music. Kind of leaves a bad taste in my mouth now, but I think it's true that you can like the music and hate the person for what they did.

8) let's say you're travelling to a specific country for the express purpose of eating a particular dish made there. which country are you going to and what dish is it?

Hmmm. I wanna go to Germany. Get me some goddamn schnitzel and strudel right now

9.) when it comes to making true, close friends:
a) what is one major, absolute, non-negotiable trait or belief, etc. they must have? 
b) what is one major, absolute, non-negotiable dealbreaker? (basically the opposite of A)

a.) Sense of humor. If you're serious all the time, there's no chance we're ever going to get along. All I do is joke around and if you're never laughing I'm just gonna go ahead and assume that you're boring and also that you probably hate me so
b.) I can't really get along with people who are overly righteous. And I'm a pretty good kid (no drugs no alcohol no parties do my homework eat my veggies) but if I hear any preaching from someone about my lifestyle or if I get the feeling I'm being shamed/judged by someone who thinks themselves morally higher, I'm over it. No thank you :b

10.)  have you ever wished that you were of a different ethnicity?

Not really

11) cello or piano? and yes you have to pick one.

Piano! I'm actually learning right now C:

12) i know this is a hot-button type question but what is your stance on abortion? if you'd prefer not to answer i guess just tell me what you like best at your favorite restaurant?


I like chicken alfredo at a local Italian place. :)

13) could you make the decision to push the red button?

You mean like to launch a nuke? Lol wayyyy too much pressure I wouldn't handle that very well at all I don't think

my questions

1.) If you were a type of food, what type would you be, and why?

2.) What's your favorite movie and why? Give a lil description in case someone's not familiar, but no spoilers! ;)

3.) What's your favorite song lyric, and what song/artist is it from?

4.) What country are you from? What do you think your country is best at compared to other countries, or what do you like best about it?

5.) What's your favorite holiday, and why?

6.) What does love mean to you? How does it feel, what does it make you think about?

7.) Do you believe in aliens and/or ghosts?

8.) What artistic medium do you feel you work best with? Which medium do you think you need to practice more with?

9.) Who was your first crush, and what are they like now?

10.) Do you have any quirky/funny personal beliefs of interest to your watchers?

11.) What era of music do you think is the best (and I won't judge you if you don't say 60's even though that's my favorite)?

12.) Can you do that thing where you twist your tongue into that clover shape (probably google it if you don't know what I mean)?

13.) Do you believe in a young girl's heart?


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emsoileau Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2016  Hobbyist Photographer

ahh #4  of the questions :clap: it's a relief that both the people who've done that one so far seem to have similar thoughts to mine, and yours were expressed really well. i have really shit anxiety, too, right down to the calling people/ordering food at restaurants thing being practically impossible and oh my god learning to shove through that has been some shit over the years 
littleblueraccoon Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2016  Student Writer
nuuuu ok well it was worth the good ole college try

Yeah man the whole tumblr culture just pisses me off. 
emsoileau Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2016  Hobbyist Photographer
ArtsyRosey Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Ooooh I will do this hopefully soon, thanks for tagging me :D
littleblueraccoon Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2016  Student Writer
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